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Placement into clinical schools by UniMelb


How does it work? Is it based on your marks? Involvement in co-curriclar activities? I'm an international student and am horrendously afraid that I will end up with a hospital that is far away from home... getting lost in Melbourne is scary :(

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Probably a question that is better asked of your teachers. They would provide a more definitive answer.

They could address your relocation issues too.


i know that if you're bonded then they'll put you in a rural clinical school, but i'm not sure what they use to decide where they should place you if you're not bonded


ERC and Bonded go off to Rural hospitals, the rest get placement according to preferences. Most people place Royal Melb 1st pref so some would undoubtedly have to go to other ones.

How they go about sorting out those preferences? I'm guessing special requests first, then maybe course performance?

Don't take me as a reliable source though, i rkn asking the uni is best option

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Allocation based on preference, and applicants randomly selected within each academic strata.

Most people put St.Vs or Austin first now.