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Post grad MD Program Costs


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Hello all,

Currently I am doing my Visiting Post Doc fellowship at The University of Adelaide. I have completed my Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Sciences (B.V.Sc/DVM) . Later I completed Masters (M.V.Sc) and Ph. D programs in Biochemistry .Now I am focusing my career in Scientific Research and Clinical Medicine related to human.I would like to know , if anybody has information regarding total expenses (including living expenses) of Post Grad MD program in UQ for permanent resident students.I look forward to here from you.


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Hi Dr Sat
First you should be informed that Medicine in Aus is not a matter of just enroll and study. Each year there are around 1,500 MD places available countrywide for several thousand grads who want a place, it's a huge contest.

There are two types of place for Aus residents: gov-subsidised CSP and Aus full-fee (also a 3rd type Int'l full-fee but won't discuss it here). I think UQ offers only CSPs which is ~10.5K a year for 4 years. To win a place there you need GPA >5.0 in your most recent degree and a very very good GAMSAT score 68+ (top 4-5% among those taking this test). Living expenses ~20K/year if you live the frugal student lifestyle.

The Aus full-fee places are slightly less competitive to get in. Fees range from Notre Dame Sydney 32K/year to UMelb 63K/year. Not sure whether you are interested in these.