Practicing in the UK after graduating from NZ

Discussion in 'Overseas Practice' started by Startersbar, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Hi there

    I was wondering if anyone had any information about the requirements and difficulties of trying to get a license and work as a GP in the UK after graduating from a NZ medical school. This could be after getting a bachelor or a fellowship. I found this webpage so far: Working in Britain for non-UK doctors But I also wanted to see if anyone had any personal experience about this. Is it even possible?
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    Aside from the obvious issue of working within the NHS (something that UK-trained doctors are actively try to avoid by leaving their own country), the bigger issue at hand currently is what will happen post-Brexit. There is no answer to this as the UK is in chaos presently, and nobody knows what arrangements will be in place after March. However, if it goes ahead, be aware that this may well bring about extra red tape and barriers against any non-UK citizen working there - I'd be putting money on the likelihood that it will become harder.

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