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Discussion in 'UMAT' started by SirNubby, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Hi guys just thought this would be an appropriate place to ask for some advice regarding umat. I've sat the UMAT in 2016 and 2017 receiving percentiles of 87 and 83 respectively and using medentry both times. I thought i studied quite extensively the 2nd time i attempted UMAT and thought i performed well on the day but evidently not haha. Do you guys think if placed in a similar situation you would attempt the UMAT again with minimal study and just see how it goes, use a different online site similar to medentry and study extensively again or use medentry itself again? Any other comments are appreciated as well, thanks.
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    With the exception of people who really screw something up, for the vast majority of people, UMAT is the kind of assessment you should score similarly on if you re-sit it.

    For example, I got 92 in 2016, but I panicked at the end, and really screwed up the last 15 minutes. I re-did it in 2017 and got 98 because I was better prepared and didn’t panic. My improvement wasn’t because I was suddenly ‘smarter’, intellectually, but because I was ‘smarter’ emotionally and more prepared for the psychological aspect of sitting UMAT. There would be other examples for other people.

    If I were in your situation, I’d be seriously moving on to think about graduate entry Med/Dent. If you’d got vastly different scores the two years, there might be something we could tap into, but the fact your scores were pretty stable says a lot.

    That said, if you have the $$, the time, and the inclination, there’s nothing stopping you throwing your hat in the ring again, because there certainly are (comparatively rare!) instances of people getting unexpectedly high (and low!) scores in this manner.
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    Hi (my first post here)

    But in a nutshell, I graduated year 12 with a 99.6 atar and a bad umat. So i decided to take a gap year and redo umat and then hopefully get into curtin med school, as Im sure with my atar + half decent umat it will be possible. The question I have is has anyone done this before? And if so, how did they handle the year ahead and being somewhat isolated from everyone else in the regards that they are all off at uni and your just somewhat home alone studying or doing whatever.

    In general, I am just looking for some guidance on how people handled seeing everyone else go into uni/med and handling the feelings of somewhat being on the "sidelines"

    (also im in perth WA)

    thanks :)

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