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    Does anyone know how many priority 3 internships were offered last year? Particularly, how many places were offered to graduates from an overseas campus of an Australian/New Zealand University accredited by the Australian Medical Council (e.g. Monash University – Sunway Campus, Malaysia). Thank you!
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    Sunway Campus isn't counted as an Australian/New Zealand university for the purposes of internships as far as I know - it's counted as an overseas campus - see ( - this is not category 3, it's category SIX (a campus located outside Australia) of which there would be zero people offered an internship.

    Edited by A1 to help clarify: The above is true for most states except Vic where AMC accredited overseas-campus grads are in the same category 3 as Aus interstate grads. This may explain why there were 8 internships offered to these in 2017 in the report below.
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    I found this COAG report for 2017
    > on the National Audit of Applications and Acceptances for Medical Internship and the Late Vacancy Management Process for 2017 Clinical Year.pdf

    - A total of 3438 intern positions were available for 2017
    (3338 State/Territory + 100 CMI Cmwth Medical Internships for int'l students)

    - 3741 applicants:
    3119 Aus trained domestic medical graduates,
    451 Aus trained international full fee (IFF) graduates,
    118 medical students from AMC accredited overseas campuses (Monash Malaysia & Oschner),
    48 AMC graduates and 5 medical students from NZ medical schools.

    - 3412 applicants had accepted a 2017 intern position:
    3066 domestic medical graduates from Aus (incl ~200 Aus FFs),
    235 (+ the 100 CMIs) IFF medical graduates from onshore Aus universities,
    8 IFF medical graduates from AMC accredited offshore campuses,
    1 AMC graduate and 2 NZ Medical School graduates.

    There were also 75 intern positions offered through the Late Vacancy process, of which 63 were accepted.
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    Stats above illustrate just how radically and rapidly the workforce has changed in the past decade or so. Back in ~2005, AMC doctors made up a significant proportion of the intern and resident population, even in large tertiary urban centres. Now they're as rare as rocking-horse poo.
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    Unsurprisingly, few. Given chances of international students in some states is slim, chances for overseas trained medical students is even slimmer.

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