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This subforum was created with the intent of allowing people to post their services related to entering medicine (UMAT/GAMSAT/interview preparation).

Any advertisement for the above services that falls OUTSIDE this subforum on MSO will be removed.

All services should follow the following rules:

1. Anyone posting an advertisement must be an active member of MSO OUTSIDE the Paid preparation subforum (this includes actively helping members with their questions). Helpful posts outside the advertising subforum should not be with the primary intention of attracting people to paid services. Thus, MSO is only allowing people who already help people for free on the forums advertise their paid services here. When you stop regularly contributing to MSO, your advertisement will be removed. Furthermore, anyone who posts an advertisement for such a service without first contributing as an active member will, at moderator discretion, be permanently banned. Contribute FIRST, then, after some contribution, contact a moderator or administrator for permission to post an advertisement.

2. Anyone posting advertisements must fully disclose the following (or their advertisements will be removed):
- Their experience as a tutor and in the medical or dental field
- The cost of each of their services offered
- What materials they use - especially whether they own the rights to the material that they are using to tutor (those without the rights to use the material will be removed)
- Past results of the tutoring service offered
- Any clarifications from MSO staff must be answered adequately or the advertisement will be removed.

3. Advertisements must be by the person providing the services. This means that tutors can post, but people advertising on behalf of a preparation company cannot advertise, unless they are actually current teachers for that company.

4. You may ignore rules 1,2, and 3 if you are advertising a FREE service without any vested interest. For example, if you were a not-for-profit student group running mock medicine interviews, then you can post that event here. However, if you had an information night running for free, from a paid service, then you must follow the above rules.

5. MSO does not accept 'for sale' posts advertising second hand text books. Any such posts will be deleted.

6. Regardless of the above, MSO reserves the right to remove part or all of any advertisement for any reason without requirement to notify the person posting the advertisement, and/or issue bans to any member for any reason (though following the above rules minimises the chance that this will happen).

This is also a forum for students, not affiliated with any preparation services, to post regarding those services (commonly "need 2 more for group discount" and the like) so those posts should also go here.
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Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads