Recommended Textbooks for first year CSU Dentistry


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When a subject recommends a list of textbooks, I would think twice before buying them all. Majority of the time you will only need a few of the many they recommend. Hence I advise not to buy textbooks until the semester starts. There is a Co Op Book Shop on campus where you can buy all books from or you can order online and get some cheaper prices.

Buy New One vs. Borrow?
Everyone is different but I try to avoid buying textbooks that I know I will only use for 6 months - 1 year and never again. Hence I recommend borrowing or buying one from a second year that has it. If it is a textbook that you will need for the whole degree, than it is worth buying it for the long run.

First & Second Semester

DOH134 – Oral Anatomy & Histology
Berkowitz, BKB, Holland G and Moxham BL (2002) Oral Anatomy, Histology & Embryology. 3rd Edition. Mosby (Elsevier). ($120~)

- I recommend you do buy this book as you will need it not only for first year but also for second year. It is used more as a reference in first year if you do not understand something in the lecture slides and you require a more in depth explanation. You will also be needing it for head and neck anatomy in second year.

DOH121/ DOH122– Clinical Practice A & B
1. Wheeler, A., & Nelson (2008). Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Occlusion (2nd Ed.) Saunders ($131~)\
2. Preservation & Restoration of Tooth Structure by G J Mount, W R Hume ($100).

- Out of all the books they recommended for this subject, you will only need two that are listed above. The first book will be used during the 3hr practicals on Tooth Morphology in first semester and it will be needed for your oral presentation (research wise). The second textbook I used when learning dental materials in second semester for DOH122. But I feel it might be a book you will need for second year as well hence I recommend buying it. Although saying that, the notes given are sufficient enough, so I would not buy the second book as of yet, unless you feel you need it. Note: You will be given in depth handouts for simulation clinic as well.

DOH133 – Oral Microbiology
1. Microbiology : An Introduction by Totora ($175)
2. Essential Microbiology for Dentistry by Samaranayake ($80)

You will need both of these textbooks for second semester. The books are needed to answer quizzes as well preparing for the end of semester exam. Especially for short answer questions and the dental components of the exam.

BMS129/BMS130 – Anatomy & Physiology
Textbook: Saladin, K.S. (2010). Anatomy and Physiology: The unity of form and function (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill ($150)

- If you have never done Anatomy & Physiology before as a subject and you are a school leaver than I would recommend buying this book as some concepts on the lecture slides may not be clear to you the first time around and you might need to do some further reading to understand it. If you are a non-standard applicant and have done a similar subject before like myself, then I would not bother buying this book. The lectures slides are sufficient enough and easy to follow. You will need the textbook for a 3 hour practical once a week, hence if you do not have one, make sure that your lab partner has one or that you borrow one for practicals.

CHM104/ CHM107 – Chemistry
Textbook: Brown, LeMay, Bursten, Langford, Sagatys & Duffy (2007). Chemistry, the central science: A broad perspective. Australia: Pearson Education ($150).

- If you have never done chemistry in high school I suggest you buy it. I didn’t buy or touch this book once as I did chemistry in my previous uni degree. The lecture slides were sufficient enough and the chemistry faculty will give you a manual with in depth explanations of the concepts you are expected to understand for the exam as well as many practice questions. Unless you have never done chemistry in your life and feel that you will struggle, I find that this book is not worth buying.

PSY111 – Psychology
Textbook: Gerrig, R. G., Zimbardo, P. G., Campbell, A. J., Cumming, S. R., & Wilkes, F. J. (2009). Psychology and Life. Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Education Australia ($140)

- This book will be needed to study for the mid semester and final exams as well as an Assignment since the lecture slides are terrible and not informative enough. Hence I recommended buying it or borrowing it from someone for 6 months. Even sharing the book between two people will probably for be efficient.

Overall out of all the books they recommend you will only be buying or borrowing around 6 textbooks for the year :) I only ended up buying 3 which I will need for over the years and borrowed any others I needed for a short period of time.
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Great job, Hutch. Thanks.


What's this chemistry class about? I don't see it in the curriculum. Which semester is it? Thanks.


Thanks so much! :) Also would you know any 2nd years that would be selling their old books then?


Thank you for this info! This is super helpful. Would you know if these books are still the on recommended list as it's been a few years on? Or is it best to wait till O-week or semester start to double check?


Thank you for this info! This is super helpful. Would you know if these books are still the on recommended list as it's been a few years on? Or is it best to wait till O-week or semester start to double check?

hey Dot there shouldn't be any major changes, but i would wait until O Week anyway :)


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[MENTION=21326]Dot[/MENTION] some of the recommended textbooks for your subjects have changed. It will be in your subject outline when you get added to the subjects on interact. In all honesty you can survive with just:

- Oral anatomy and histology (TenCate)
- A biomedical science textbook (doesn't have to be saladin)
- Micro textbook (totora)

These are books that you'll refer to your entire degree. Even the dentistry specific (Preservation & Restoration of Tooth Structure) I haven't used because the most up to date and relevant info is in the lectures.