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Required UMAT score for UTAS in 2014?


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Hey everyone, (sorry if this is in the wrong section)

I'm a Tasmanian year 12 applicant hoping to apply for 2014. My UMAT raw score was 166 which puts me in the 75th %ile, which I know is pretty borderline. I have several back up plans to medicine but since some of them involve going interstate I'm trying to realistically organise everything as soon as possible. If anyone has any ideas as to what kind of chance this gives me, that would be awesome!



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Seeing as youre a tassie student, if i was a betting person I would say youre a pretty good shot at getting an offer - in my year people were getting in with lower. Obviously no one can tell you for sure. Im assuming your atar was over 95?

I believe that utas also prefer applicants that have good marks across all 3 umat sections, ie a person who gets 75%ile by aceing 2 sections and flunking another isnt as likely to get in over someone who has 70th %ile and has 'passed' all three sections somewhat equally.


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Thanks very much for the reply! I ended up getting an offer yesterday!

I went pretty average across all sections. My worst was 3, which was 50. I was just worried because I'd heard a lot of people say the cut-off was usually ~90th %ile. But I guess not! :)


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That cut-off is about right for the non-standard applicants (interstate & local). The cut-offs for interstate standard applicants are known to be near 100%. Local standard applicants like you have much lower cut-offs.