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Revising for finals

Did you guys use any question banks?
I have so far been advised to try passmedicine
And passtest which are both Uk based.

found this today, it’s Australian but is it good?

what question banks would you guys recommend ?

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First of all, I have only used one question bank (AMBOSS) and so I can't really compare with anything else. A lot of question banks out there appear to cater for USMLE or specific medical exams which is why I decided on AMBOSS which caters for general medical studies as well. Another reason I chose it was because of the knowledge cards which I use quite a bit.

(+) Questions on AMBOSS have been great (so far) to nail the clinical questions in UQ exams
(+) Huge question bank + you can customise what questions you want to show up. Usually I choose system (e.g. respiratory) and then a *difficulty of either 1/5 or 2/5 depending on where I'm at with revision.
(+) Detailed reasons for why each question is correct or incorrect and link you to the relevant card in their knowledge bank.
(+) Knowledge bank is a really good resource on its own (esp. during semester) as it succinctly summarises concepts and includes radiology/pathology images with overlays and captions to help you understand.
(-) PRICE: It is about $15 (AUD) per month for the knowledge bank + 50 questions and an additional $72/month for unlimited questions
(-) Questions are pretty difficult for 1st year* ∴ it is better to use it AFTER you have revised content
(-) Be careful with treatment questions as Australian reccomendations/medications can differ from the US (I double check with lecture material)

I'm still considering whether I'll commit for semester 2 (I'm using it for free at the moment as they gave out some COVID scholarships). If I were to use this, I would probably do $15/month normally (as I mostly use the knowledge bank and 50Qs is more than enough), then add unlimited questions ($72/month) just for the month before exams.

EDIT forgot one!
Here's another one. Though I can't review it in depth since I haven't used it much.
(+) Based on Australia medical curriculum
(+) Difficulty is reasonable, i.e. I could use this as I was learning content
(+) Questions are divided it by year level, systems and disciplines
(+) Radiology section is great as they have labels, overlays etc. and is catered for med school level (we only need to know basics at this point)
(-) Didn't help for the difficult clinical questions I got in my exams.
(-) Not comprehensive

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