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Semester 2 in the COVID world


Hey everyone! Seeing as a turbulent semester 1 has come to an end, I was wondering what your schools' plans are (if confirmed) about learning in semester 2. I'm curious to see how the other medical schools across Australia are handling teaching for the rest of the year, seeing as (thankfully) things are subsiding for now.

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UWA MD resumes hospital rotations next week. I'm not sure about the undergrad provisionals.
Undergrad provisionals from UWA have it in person, but an option to do the whole thing online as well for next semester


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All lectures and tutorials at Griffith will be online for the rest of the year. Clinical skills will resume in person in a couple of weeks for pre-clinical students and clinical students never stopped with their rotations to the best of my knowledge. The rest of the uni has pledged to run all of their courses entirely online apart from those needing to do compulsory practical sessions.

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UTAS: Core lectures and tutorials for pre-clin (first and second year) and 'pseudoclin' (third year at UTAS is 3 days clin, 2 days pre-clin) will be online. Clin skills will resume in some way for pre-clin (I'm not pre-clin so I don't know exact details), and rotations will resume as best as can be facilitated by the hospitals and GP clinics for third year. We third years are mid-exams so don't have exact details yet. We've been told the info will be released after exams. No word yet on end of year OSCEs or exams. Mid-year OSCEs were postponed, exams were(/are, I have one left) online.


Phase 1 (yr 1/2): Most classes will still be online except for clinical skills and science-based practicals which will resume in-person (with modifications)
Phase 2 (yr 3/4): Not 100% sure, but it seems like most placements are still happening and they have scheduled in a non-assessed 'catch-up block' to make up for clinical experience at the end of Sem 2.


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We'll be doing a socially distanced bootcamp to make up for the clin skills we've missed, followed by in person clin skills once a week until at least October. Lectures and PBLs will still be online. Not sure when anatomy labs will start up again.

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WSU year 1 clinical skills and anatomy labs face-to-face from weeks 1-2, lectures and PBL still online for now.

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