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Discussion in 'Studying Medicine' started by DocX, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Hi everyone, I was just wondering whether anyone who is now in Medicine would recommend doing any form of work in the holidays leading up to University (ie Methods or Chem). Nothing major, but just like a couple of questions like every second day or so to retain Year 12 content learnt, so it is not entirely lost before entering Uni ahah. I am willing to hear any words of wisdom, as currently the weather is pretty awful and for some periods of time during the day, I just wonder whether instead of just watching TV shows, it would be worth just doing some consolidation ahead of next year. Or alternatively, should this time be spent on preparing for MMI/Panel interviews ... ? Thanks :)
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    You'll be surprised how little of that is relevant to medicine. I would use your hard earned holiday as a holiday - if you got into medicine, then you earnt it, and you'll find that they become fewer and further between as you progress (at least for a very long time).

    If you absolutely positively must study something and you want it to be relevant to medicine, try picking up an anatomy textbook.
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    Methods or chem would be a complete waste of your time. Your first semester will have some sort of biochem, so if anything, I'd be revising some basics of Biology.

    But in all honesty, if you've got into medicine I think you deserve a break. Don't do any study so that you come into the year as fresh as possible. Furthermore, if you're not in medicine, I definitely wouldn't be doing any study for medicine - cart before the horse ;)
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