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The welcome guide!


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Welcome to MSO!
We’re glad you’re here and hope you stay! Before I get into explaining the intricate details of this wonderful place (that we hope you’ll love as much as us!) I ask that you read the Terms and Rules.

Let’s get into it then!

What is MSO and How does it work?
MSO was founded in 2005 by isuru. We are a community of med/dent aspirers/students/graduates & other from AUS & NZ that are keen to help each other and the incoming cohorts out with things med & dent student related! This basically means that the site contributors are all normal people like you and me. MSO members come from a wide range of backgrounds and different schools/universities all with their own unique experiences and expertise which they kindly use to provide others with information. So, we hope that you find what you're looking for on MSO!

Actually Navigating the site
I’m not going to lie to you this might be a bit confusing at first but it’s worth it! The forums page is set up like a table of contents with the links to all our sub-forums e.g. UCAT, Interview Invites etc.


In each sub-forum is its affiliated threads.
e.g. UCAT sub-forum


Please remember the search function (on the top right side of the page) is your friend! You can search the whole site for something, just the threads, a particular forum or a particular thread as can be seen below.


You can also use the advanced search function to further customise your search!

Since the search function does exist we really encourage you to use it. Especially if you want to ask a question in a thread with a lot of posts, it’s likely that someone else has asked the same question before.....So please use the search function and if you can, go back a few pages! Worst case scenario you might not find the answer you’re looking for but you’ll be more informed to ask the question.

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Hatbox is accessible to members after they have made 10 forum posts. It used to be 50 posts so count your blessings because hatbox is imo the best part of this forum!

You may PM (private message) users after 5 forum posts but if you desperately need to talk to someone you can ask them to PM you on their wall which you can find on their profile.
e.g. my wall

You may edit posts after 5 forum posts

And you will stop seeing ads after 100 forum posts

How to post
To reply in a thread scroll to the bottom of a page on that thread. You will find this “reply box”:


Type your question in the reply box where it says "Write your reply"

If you want to reply to a post, click the reply button and that post should automatically appear quoted in your reply box


If you want to quote a post, click the quote button at the bottom right of the post next to the reply button and it will be added to your multi-quote. If you have clicked the quote button on a post the “insert quotes” button should appear below your reply box. You can click this button to insert the quote/s where you find appropriate in the post you’re writing.

If you want to quote only a specific part of a user's post, you can highlight that part with your cursor; you will be given an option of quoting that part (adding to a multi-quote) or replying (directly putting that part into the reply box for you to respond).

To start a new thread go to the appropriate subforum and write your title in the “Thread title” box. A reply box should then appear and you should be able to post as normal but you will be creating a new thread! Please don’t create a new thread if it isn’t necessary.

To PM someone just click on the envelope on the top right-hand toolbar and select "Start a new conversation" alternatively use this link

Hatbox is the chat function of MSO that members can find on the forums page...yes we call it hatbox. Someone is usually around on hatbox and we’d love to get to know you so come chat to contrast to popular opinion we aren’t as scary as you might think! Might I add there are some lovely/hilarious/brilliant people here that are worth speaking to!

Hatbox rooms
Feel free to join as many rooms as you wish/are interested in. We ask that you also chat about those topics in the appropriate rooms e.g. your great love of 5sos’ new album in the music room 😉. Also please join the gaming room because we love some online uno/curve fever/skribblio and the more the merrier!

Hatbox on your phone
If you’re trying to like or quote a hatbox post on your phone and it doesn’t work just bash the button a couple of times until it does!
p.s. This bashing technique might be useful for other scenarios when using your phone.
If you’re trying to use the MSO emojis just add them in after you’ve typed the whole message for best results 😊 or just use the emojis off your phone.

Mods, Admins & Emeritus
Our current Mods and Admins make up the staff team at MSO.... Basically these people have the power! Moderators have the green/teal coloured usernames it resembles their power to edit the site, ban you...etc. Mods are typically med/dent students who are quite active on here. Hypothetically members could become mods if the staff recognise them as helpful and active on the site. Furthermore, I’ve been told that they need to not start any drama and the timing has to be right! Administrators are represented by the dark red usernames and they have even more power. Generally, mods are upgraded to admins if they’re like super awesome, when the staff decides on that. Emeritus (gold usernames) are the honoured past mods & admins who to my knowledge don’t have editing powers but they are very cool and we’re extremely thankful for everything they’ve done for this site ❤

Gold stars
If you do something a staff member recognises as worthy (it has to be quite epic) they may award you a gold star! You can claim your gold star for a cool coloured username like Verdigris. I guess you can also nicely try and ask for some other thing like a username change that the mods/admins can choose to do upon their discretion.

This is quite self-explanatory if you follow this link! But no you don’t get anything for having an x number of trophy points.

If you still do have any questions about the forum dm me and I’ll try my best to be useful. I’ll also update this post as I come to more epiphanies about how the site works 😅

Once again welcome to MSO!

p.s. a big thank you to Crow & Sherlock for helping me with this ❤
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Dentistry Student 🦷
Just curious, how do i private convo with someone? It seems like I cant

I believe there's a minimum number of posts you need to contribute to the threads prior to being able to use private conversations.

I'm not quite sure about said number but hopefully LMG! knows as she's the Queen of MSO.


MBBS V (omg)
Just curious, how do i private convo with someone? It seems like I cant

You need to make 5 meaningful forum posts before private messaging capabilities open up to you. This is to prevent new users creating accounts and then spamming moderators or senior members with questions without participating in the threads or looking up answers to their questions via this means, as we wouldn't have time to run the site if we operated in that manner.


Hi! I'm an international student and I am new here. I seem to be having trouble with creating a thread. I want to ask something regarding CASPer for UWA. Can someone help me with it?


MBBS V (omg)
Hi! I'm an international student and I am new here. I seem to be having trouble with creating a thread. I want to ask something regarding CASPer for UWA. Can someone help me with it?

You can’t create a new thread as someone with a new account. Tbh, an appropriate thread likely already exists. I saw a post about the CASPer the other day. Have you used the search function?

Registered  members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered  members with 100+ posts do not see Ads