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UMAT 2018 Result Prediction

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Monash II
You need to define the winning formula first - is it least in Overall score difference or Total of section-score differences?
I think minimum sum of the differences in sectional scores would be the most challenging and indeed testing formula. People need to be able to accurately determine their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of sections and not just over all how they go. Also decrease the chance of ties in my opinion.

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My first optimistic prediction was
S1: 48 and probs less coz I guessed most of this section due to poor time management.
S2: 65
S3: 75
= 188
= 95th percentile.

BUT, reality hit and I suddenly had that sinking feeling that my Section 1 didn't go as well as I thought and I predicted two more.
33 + 67 + 81 = 181
33 + 67 + 74 = 174.

In conclusion, I HAVE NO CLUE, so y'all listen to the wise words of this fellow commenter, 'to all those people who are saying they thought they did bad and ended up doing well... please don't make me hope like that... it's low key giving me hope and I want to be hopeless then be surprised. Not hopeful then disappointed as shit.'


S1: 70
S2: 85
S3: 60
Overall: 215
Percentile (optional as it is a bit hard to tell): 100
Prep (optional): Began prep 2 days prior to exam. Completed 2 Acer practice exams

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Smelly Boy

I can be ur angle 😇 or ur devil 😈
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Fellas I’m going to make new predictions because I feel like I smashed it plz don’t laugh if I don’t hit these numbers because I rlly think I diddd aaaaa

S1: 76
S2: 59
S3: 74
Original prediction:
S1: 85
S2: 70
S3 60

Overall: 215
Percentile: 100

Actual scores:
S1: 82
S2: 77
S3 50

Overall: 209
Percentile: 99

Apparently 211 was the cutoff for 100 this year. I was so close, but I'm still really happy with what I got. I sat the umat very sick and I was honestly expecting about 80th percentile.

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Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads