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UMAT 2018 Results Discussion


Overall UMAT Score:172
Section One:52
Section Two:60
Section Three: 60
Overall Percentile Rank: 81
Estimated ATAR/GPA:99.85
Preferred University: Uni Adelaide/ Flinders
Course Type:
Application type: School leaver
State: SA
Rural: no
Indigenous Applicant: no
GWS: no
Other Bonuses: no

Any chances of an Interview at Adelaide?
Last year, Adelaide used UMAT only for interviews and the cut off was around 83%ile which you're slightly under so unless it drops it looks like that might be out :( . You stand a good chance for a Flinders offer however.
I got 99.90% ATAR and UMAT score is 172 with section 1 (52), section 2(60). Now what’s my chance at Flinders?
Thank you
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However, it is to my understanding that UNSW uses all 3 criterions (ATAR, UMAT, INTERVIEW) in equal proportions in their offer selection. Given that my UMAT (181/91%ile) and ATAR (99.85) are on the lower end of the spectrum of interviewees, does that mean that even if I have a superb interview, there is still a high chance that I do not receive an offer due to the other components pulling me down (i.e. am I disadvantaged from the outset compared to the "average" candidate with a 50/50 chance?). Thanks.
1) The average UNSW applicant doesn't have 50/50 chance, it's more like 33% since place offer ratio is around 1 in 3.

2) Your UMAT is on the low side but your ATAR is quite high, should combine to bring you up close to overall average.

3) Not just you but anyone who comes in with a low ATAR or UMAT is disadvantaged. That's the nature of the three components being weighted equally for the final ranking. In your particular case, a superb interview would mean you get two near tops out of three, combined with 91%ile should be enough for a place offer.

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