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UMAT - Non-Verbal Reasoning


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This is likely a naive question, but i'd just like to get this clarified. Apologies in advance if this was the wrong area to post this.

To my understanding, entry into medicine (via HSFY - Otago University) will be based ~67% on GPA and ~33% weighted UMAT score; with 45% of the weighted score coming from sections 1 & 2 and 10% from section 3 (N-V. R.)

If this is the case, does it matter if section 3 scores are low? Since a large improvement in section 3 scores will not influence the overall weighted UMAT score by that much. Or will they look at overall/section percentiles aswell? Not that i'm planning/expecting to do poorly in section 3 when the time comes, just curious.

Thanks in advance.
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Hey there,

Only raw scores are taken into account when calculating the rank score. You are correct that a high Sec 3 score doesn't influence your end rank score by a lot but if you are looking to apply to Dentistry then a reasonable Sec 3 score will be required as the Dentistry interview offers are based on the applicant exceeding the threshold for UMAT. The threshold differs each year and is unknown but often sits around 45-50 raw score. Also Sec 3 is something that most students will say can be improved with practise so it is something you can work on if its not your best section.

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