UMAT paper- Solutions needed, pls help

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    Hi Mana,

    I just want to cross check my answers as there are no given solutions for this test, so I'm not sure if my answers are correct or not.
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    Why not publish your own answers here as a start then?
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    Thanks for ur help !

    My answers from question 1 to 15 are:-
    1) c
    2) d
    5) c
    6) d
    7) d
    8) d
    9) c
    10) c
    11) a
    12) d
    13) E
    14) E
    15) E

    pls cross-check so i can publish more :)

    THANKS !!!
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    Hey 1409 - I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified person to respond to this (I haven't done any UMAT stuff in almost 2.5 years) but I'll give it a shot.

    Q1. maybe a, not too sure
    The 'reflection of how William’s opinion of himself matches that of the public’s' is really discussed until the second paragraph.

    Q2. a
    'Image and public perception were his two fundamental principles' - it's not implying he's really realistic, nor saying he's not got any morals. Could be that he is a good business man but I personally take on this is that his public image is linked to his self confidence

    Q3. d
    His car is written to be like his bloody mistress - including to the reference that 'he barely remembered his mother’s name' shows he doesn't have that many personal relationships

    Q4. e
    Number of elements in each box stays as 6

    Q5. c
    Each ball is moving differently - black is going from LL => UL => UR => LR => LL; grey is flipping between LL => UR => LL => UR; black outline from LL => LR => UR => UL => LL

    Q6. d
    Not recently planned; not part of the summit; coral sea looks to only be a small part of the planned project

    Q7. b
    Tourist attractions are not mentioned in the paragraph as a main point; neither does improving Australia's image.

    Q8. b
    Penelope is one of the first people Charlotte told about her pregnancy, they both seem to be quite happy to be together but bringing up pregnancy is a sore spot for Penny that caused an emotional response - nothing to suggest that Charlotte is more invested in the relationship or it cannot continue

    Q9. b
    Maybe surprised but not nervous; b probably sums up the emotions best

    Q10. d
    "I have never believed in the archaic notion that all women have to have children to be a complete person" dismisses a. B is unsupported. D sounds like the best answer.

    Q11. d
    She seemingly was having a bit of a breakdown and needed a minute to regain herself. D best expresses the situation from our understanding

    Q12. d
    Most logical - doubtful she would call her husband or straight out admit to Charlotte that she's been trying. Would most likely just want to recompose herself for her friend

    Q13. b
    Ball 1 starts on LL - moves 1 corner at a time to UL => UR => LR => LL
    Ball 2 starts on UR - flips between corners to LL => UR => LL => UR => LL

    Q14. c
    Each line moves one eight; then two eights; then three; then four. The two lines move in the opposite direction to each other.

    Q15. c
    The whole object seems to be rotating by the eight rule again. First one eight; then two eights; then three; then four. Counter clockwise.
    Also the middle line in the stop symbol is rotating one eight at a time

    Hope this is okay - not sure if they're right or not
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    thank you so much, this has really helped :)
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    Mine are mostly the same as Look@meimBellaG's answers and similiar reasoning.

    As I work on some of the others I will edit this post in small blocks and put my reasoning in.

    1. A.
    The narrator starts off praising William in a positive light. However, in the final statement of the first paragraph that we have been asked to look at William’s character is undercut as the narrator challenges whether what William has said about himself is true or not.

    2. B
    It appears William is a very egocentric person so C is not right. He does not care what the public think of him as he talks about it not being his fault for the way society had denigrated and not knowing their names so A is not right. This leaves D and B as viable options. However, B is the more suitable option as image and public perception are not very honest values, suggesting he is not a very moral person.

    3. C
    It is asking you to form a connection between William and the car. William lives life in the fast lane and his car does the same as indicated by “it let him pass the other cars, leaving them behind in a blur”. It is not D as William is also invested in his business.

    4. E
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    5. C
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    6. C
    As the sanctuary will include, and be much greater than, the Coral Sea.

    7. B
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    8. B
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    9. B
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    10. D
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    11. B
    Charlotte’s news reminds her of what she doesn’t have. D is not 100% correct as it does not indicate the reason of her emotions.

    12. D
    Seeing as they have been friends for quite some time it makes sense that she would try and regain composure.

    13. I am thinking C or B—not too sure on this one!

    14. C
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”

    15. C
    “Same as Look@meimBellaG”
    16. B
    Is evident by the line "We now conclude that GE has only funded thinktanks that support climate science"

    17. B
    Is evident by the paragraph that details allowing individuals employees at GE to determine where their donations would go.

    18. C
    They have conducted research into climate change, and have worked against climate legislation by supporting trade groups and the 2010 referendum.

    19. B
    He is disheartened and concerned as he is worried what the Dr's prognosis will be. It could be seen that it may be intially D but Henri does acknowledge Dr.Wren's presence.

    20. B
    Is feeling sorry for becoming so emotional and in regards to no actual progonosis being made.

    21. D
    Throughout the whole discussion Dr.Wren has ben professional, he informs Henri about the options available and offers recommendations rather than enforcing his own views, he is also sensitive/sympathetic as he shows empathy by stating that the situation would be difficult for anyone in Henri's position.

    22. C
    He is not in denial as he has accepted that his wife has a chronic problem/will die at some point. The passage provides no mention of thoughts about intervention or religious beliefs. C is correct as Henri discusses that his wife is not some commodity that we're giving up on.

    23. C
    A horizontal line is added to each section.

    24. D
    The first letter increases by 1, then decreases by 3, then increases by 5, then decreases by 7. The second letter decreases by 1, then increases by 3, then decreases by 5, then increases by 7.

    25. A
    Look at how the shading is moving and the diagonals. When you have noticed this A and E are respectively the options you have left to decide between.

    26. C
    The left circle rotates anticlockwise 45˚, then 90˚, then 135˚, then 180˚. The right circle rotates similarly, but clockwise.

    27. C
    Link between human adaptability and ag, which is the main cause of exponential population growth.

    28. C
    Look at the key words used in the paragraphs and look at the line of the graph.

    29. B
    More fossil fuels are being used leading to scarcity.

    30. C
    Was aware of her parents marriage state and the reasons for the amicable separation.
    31. C
    The clock is a symbol of regularity and continuity.

    32. B
    Drew is a significant part of her life but she is not totally reliant upon Drew for support.

    33. A
    The narrator's marriage is not a marriage in the stereotype sense according to the stimulus as she realises that the determinants of a successful marriage are often surprising.

    34. E
    The top black square shifts 2 right and 1 down. The bottom black square shifts up and left, down and left, repeated. The grey square shifts 3 up.

    35. A
    The shapes move forward, and when they reach the front they return to the back. The pentagon
    rotates 180˚.

    36. E
    There are four possible locations for the boxes (A, B, C, D). The tallest box moves ONE position from B to C, then C to D, then D to C, then C to B. The medium box alternates between A and D. The shortest box remains at D.

    37. B
    The colours move down. Hence when drawn next to the question the sequence is BWG (Black, White, Grey).

    38. C
    Only option (c) fulfils all the specified rules.

    39. A
    Only option (a) fulfils all the specified rules.

    40. B
    Only option (b) fulfils all the specified rules.

    41. B
    The article states that she was “fearing that the country’s then military rulers would
    not allow her to return to Burma”

    42. B
    The article states that the first elections in 20 years were held, and that Burma has pursued a “course of reform”, which suggests a transition to democracy.

    43. C
    The man is isolated and lonely and he is picking up upon the behaviours that those people he viewed have in their relationships with others.

    44. B
    As he does nothing worth noticing it highlights his isolation and loneliness.

    45. A
    It only discusses the male's body language hence A is correct and not C.

    46. B
    There is no real time pattern here except that the hour hand increases by 5 every step (first on the 9 -> 2 -> 7 -> 12). The minute hand forms a 90 degree angle past the hour hand.

    47. E
    The shapes are a rotation of each other. E has the smiley face 180˚ rotated.

    48. A
    The top number is the sum of the left and right numbers minus the middle number. Hence, 3+5=8 ... 8-8=0

    49. E
    Only when 2 elements appear in the same position in the first 2 squares , both across and down, are they transferred to the end of the square.

    50. ??Hmm not sure as A and C look the same. Mana , pi what would you do??

    51. C
    Only option (c) fulfils all the specified rules.

    52. ??Hmm not sure as Both C and D are correct. I have not come across a practice question that has 2 correct answers. Mana, pi what would you circle in this case?

    53. A
    Only option (a) fulfils all the specified rules.
    54. A
    Since 908 out of 1,211 tonnes of whale meat was unable to be sold, this shows less demand than

    55. B
    It mentions that it was hoped that sales would “cover the costs of the whaling fleet’s

    56. D
    Companies become more reluctant to become involved as the demand has decreased.

    57. A
    It is just a ngeative response, we don't know if that is going to change things between them or not.

    58. D
    Was not directed at his partner it was more so caused by disbelief.

    59. B
    eyes flashing her being angry.

    60. A
    He is resentful towards the little things because they haven’t changed

    61. A
    He is feeling remorse at the end so it is likely he will try to make up.

    62. ??Hmm not sure as Both A and C look the same.

    63. C

    64. C

    65. A
    The contents of the box 1 added to the contents of the box 2 equal the contents of box 3. The boxes that overlap cancel out.

    66. A
    states that “if there’s plenty of nitrogen available to their roots, they don’t eat as much”, this shows that nitrogen is the nutrient sought out from prey

    67. C
    Since increased soil nitrogen can lead to non-carnivorous plants “out-competing” the carnivorous plants, this is a reduction in advantage

    68. E
    objects shifting downwards in a loop or objects shifting upwards in a loop.

    69. E
    The outermost shape becomes the innermost shape and rotates 90 degrees clockwise, the middle shape becomes the outermost shape and rotates 90 degrees anticlockwise and the innermost shape becomes the middle shape.

    70. E
    To do with the number of sides of the shapes in each sector

    71. B
    Both are familiar but when Tom changes the conversation they both discuss work.

    72. A
    she is can’t believe this has happened to her and she is concerned over how she is going to care for her children

    73. B
    By what Ellie is saying in the final line, Ellie appears indignant that Tom would think she expected preferential treatment

    74. A
    by the end of the dialogue it is apparent that she is willing to stick up for herself and she
    knows the value of her contribution.
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