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UMelb UMelb Dentistry: Chancellor's Scholar


Wow. How terrible. H2A average or 75% or GPA 6 or whatever you call it is difficult to maintain over 3 years especially when its weighted so that your first year baby courses contribute nothing to the final grade but your 3rd year courses weigh significantly. Also interview at the end of your degree sounds rather terribad. It will mean you'd have to prepare contigency measures such as sitting the GAMSAT and applying to other grad schools incase you fail the MMI. All that for a FFP -> what a joke. You might as well try for Bond and save yourself some cash in the long run (5 years FFP versus 3 years HECS + 4 years FFP).

The deal seems good for those with 99.90s. Then again getting 99.90 will guarantee you the top scholarship at most unis with I think USyd being the most lucrative scholarship. UQ doles out 12 grand per year which trumps any sort of travel allowance given out by UMelb. This program seems good if you flunk the UMAT though.

Not sure how I did with UMAT but looking at Guaranteed pathways as insurance. Hoping/expecting 99.9 ish ATAR. Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Flinders any other bastions for the feint hearted?
edit: oops sorry I searched Guaranteed entry and got onto this thread without realising it was for dentistry. My apologies, I'm only interested in medicine.
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Hi there, I applied for the Chancellor's Scholar's arts program at Melbourne university thinking that I would have guaranteed entry into the MD by sitting the interview but I found out that the prerequisites for the MD (2nd year anatomy, physiology and biochemistry) are 'sometimes not offered' as breadth subjects in arts. So I was just wondering if anyone had gained entry to the MD program through the Chancellor's Scholar's arts program and whether it is worth the risk? Cheers, Jenny


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My advice is talk to the uni, perhaps you'll be able to, or they may suggest swapping to biomed (if that's possible)


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It's certainly risky not doing science-related courses before med. And it's especially risky here considering that it's Melbourne, who are pretty definite in their prerequisite requirements. I highly, highly doubt that you'll be able to take all of the required second year units as breadth subjects.

My advice would be that it's not worth the risk. Personally, my view is that everyone trying to get into graduate med should have to sit a science undergrad, with prerequisites, but there are certainly tons of others who disagree with me... A lot of people feel that you should be able to go into med from any undergrad background. Melbourne Uni does not share this view... They are set in stone in terms of their prereqs. So if the uni has said that the prerequisites are not offered as breadths, then there's going to be no way around it and no special considerations. You won't be eligible for med. If you can transfer to science or biomed it's going to bode much better for you in terms of the MD.


If you're bright enough to get into that program, I'm sure you'll be fine doing the MD without a science background. There are plenty of MD students who didn't do science first & they bring perspectives into our classes that I'd hate to be without. One of the best bits of doing a grad entry course is meeting graduates from all over the world & all different academic backgrounds.

Check with the university - definitely. The MDHS Student Centre is really friendly & approachable - if you have a chat with them by phone or just drop in, in person (they are better on the phones & with drop ins than on email; they're up the stairs in the Biomed library) I'm sure they'll do their best to help you, and let you know if they know of other students taking that pathway.

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