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In addition, I have Occupational therapy in UQ as my 1st preference. Thank you very much, Mana and LMG (and others), for your guidance!
Why not OT at curtin? Just curious as to why you seem so eager to move interstate, seeing as it costs a great deal of money and all. :) (but the Curtin course switcher program is also quite competitive. If I were you I'd just try for GAMSAT, you'd probably do quite well in it if your ATAR is so high.)

Like all the others here have said, please don't choose a medical science degree because a) it's hard to get a good GPA, with it being a hard course, b) the environment is insanely competitive, and c) there are next to zero stable job prospects in that field.

OT is a good career choice. Maybe consider that over Medical Sciences.


Curtin MBBS II
Yep and to further clarify re: Curtin’s “Course Switcher” pathway - it’s open to current Curtin students studying their first degree , who aren’t in their final year
I'd just like to add that we do 5 units that overlap with nursing students and 4 units that overlap with physio and OT so if you wanted to course switch I'd suggest either of them just cause you'll have much more free time in the first year of med since you won't have to study those units