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Auckland UoA course mark to GPA


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Hey guys,

I received a mark back for one of the exams (on CANVAS) which gave me a total mark of 89.8% (for the whole course). Does anyone know if Uni will round this up to an A+ or will it only be an A?

I know I can wait for the grade to be uploaded onto SSO, but this takes a few days and I've been feeling quite disappointed in myself ever since I saw the mark.

Thanks :)

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I obviously can't speak for Auckland, but Otago gave me an A+ for an 89.6% last year. It'd be pretty cruel to deny you the A+ for that, but it depends whether their grade ranges are '85-89 (A), 90-100 (A+)' (which could allow rounding) or '85.00-89.99 (A), 90.00-100 (A+)' (which wouldn't).

I've found evidence of both on a quick search of the Auckland website (One, Two), although it does look like it varies depending on the course.

So basically I've been no help at all sorry, but I hope you get your A+!


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As confirmed by UOA itself, unless specifically mentioned by your paper (CHEM 110 was the only one this year), 89.99 is an A, and 90.00 or above is an A+ because oAuckland, as a general rule, does not, under any circumstances, practice "scaling up".

Honestly, I am not even sure where people get this idea from? Is this osmething which happens at school or something? I've never ever seen it before anywhere in real life even and it wasn't something we did at school back in the dark ages.



My understanding is that most papers (at AU) follow the standard scaling. In which case, the final grade is rounded to the nearest integer. It is highly likely that your grade will be ronded up to 90 (A+).

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Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads