UoO: Collated Alternative Entry Interviewees


One of the things I love about UoO's 'Alternative' category for entry into their medical program is the diversity it brings. As far as we are aware, there is no 'preferred history' for this pathway, and there are routinely students and professionals from a vast array of backgrounds that are offered interviews.

I thought we could use this thread to collate some very basic information on applicants who are successful in receiving an interview (just anything people are willing to share about themselves, as I realise this can be potentially quite identifying given the small cohort!). I wonder if it might inspire those who think their own background is not suitable or conducive to a move to medicine.

This thread isn't just for those receiving an interview in 2021, but for anyone who has received an interview previously (maybe state which year).

For example:

Interview offered in: (enter year here)
Key study area/professional background:
Offer received:
Anything else:
Tips for future applicants: (optional)

Thank you and good luck to those receiving interviews for the upcoming cycle.