UQ Colleges


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[MENTION=11928]rdalt13[/MENTION] Well they are the college with their own bar hahaha
BUT don't say you like to party a lot at your interview, thats not looked upon well :)


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Just wanted to say to anyone thinking of applying to St John's but thinking that they won't get in because of a low op...you definitely have a chance! I got an op6 and thought my chances at getting a place were therefore zilch, but I am in for next year :) The interview really matters.


Hello all, wanting to ask regarding post-grad med students and colleges. Are there any that do enter colleges or would that be just weird? I will be 24 next year when i start (just got my spot on Thursday) and essentially want to know would I stick out like a sore thumb if I wanted to live within the main dorms with all of the undergrads?

Why I want to live in college is I always lived in residences in my undergrad (was RA in 4th year even) and felt it was the best way to meet people and get comfortable in new surroundings (I will be moving up from Sydney) and have always heard a great wrap for the UQ colleges.

Any advice would be so(!) greatly appreciated.