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UQ UQ Dentistry: Admissions General Discussion


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UQ would be unlikely to adopt such a policy without prior notice for 2022. They might introduce an interview but for a university it's better to select based on score as it's easier.
Yes, they have to notice way before introducing the interview. But they may adopt interview down the track because they seem using SJT as an interview-liked measure to assess the candidates.


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in the pre-commencement guide it says new students have to wear UQ branded scrubs. but they're currently out of stock lol 🙃
yeah i figured that out just after I asked haha 🙃 I emailed the enquiry address and they said that they're getting more stock in and will let everyone know as soon as they get them in :)


I'm in the provisional entry to medicine at UQ and I got this information in an email so that I can select an undergraduate degree. Probably try call up the uni to check, before you change preferences.
wait, isn't the ucat have a max score of 3600? or is it including the SJT sections as well?

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Hey, is there a chance of getting a dentistry offer at UQ, GPA: 7.0 FTE, UCAT 2490 (642 SJ), Rural: RA3.
Not sure where I should put UQ in my QTAC preferences.

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