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UQ or Deakin? QLD or VIC?

UQ or Deakin?

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Good day there,

I am a Canadian International applicant who got accepted into both UQ and Deakin (and is still interviewing for a couple more Unis) for Jan 2019 entry.

I need help making the decision. I am making a pros and cons list and here is what I came up with:

UQ pros: better weather, larger city, older (more reputable?) school
UQ cons: 76K a year , large classroom (~400), internship more competitive in QLD? (internationals placed 3rd priority)

Deakin pros: more affordable city & tuition (68K), smaller classroom (~140), hospital attached to uni, internship less competitive in VIC? (internationals placed second priority)
Deakin cons: newer university (less reputable?)

Any help, advice or input would be much appreciated :)



I would strongly prefer Deakin given the internship likelihood in Victoria compared to other states.


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Given that you can't bank on being offered an internship in Australia (priority list may well change between now and when you graduate), I'd consider how each of the degrees are seen back in Canada. If one is more favourably regarded than the other, I'd opt for the university that offers the best potential of your qualifications being seen favourably back to your home country.