UQ Provisional Entry Dual Degree


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Thanks, good to know there's still room to choose. I've seen that page before though, it actually confuses me in that it seems to have some contradictions with the other pages, like:

"As a guide, students will generally complete the following:
  • #12 Level 1
  • #12-16 Level 2
  • #4-8 Level 3"

but it says minimum #12 from level 3 required on the other pages, and on the Biomedicine course list it says BIOM3200 as a major requirement, but on the biomedical major BSc/MBBS page it doesn't have it on as a required course.

Hmm that is odd. I just followed the study planner tables on that link i posted. Maybe because we are only doing a 2 year science course it has different requirements.


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Woot woot woot, lol, They updated the web page to fix the contradiction because of my email haha.

they have quite a few confusing things.

they are also changing it after the french co-ordinator spoke to them, since it gives you the impression one is able to do an accelerated language major! (which sounds so amazing.. but it's not possible) :p
Does anyone know if the bachelors degree you recieve after 2 years allows you to apply for post grad stuff since you have a bachelor degree at other institutions?


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I'm vaguely aware that at UQ some of the first year med subjects are your electives for the undergrad degree, do you get the undergrad degree at the end of second year?


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Kyle is right. This means that you don't get your undergrad degree until you have finished your MBBS.


OH MY GOODNESS I CANNOT ENROL. Alright so I received and accepted an offer to study provisional entry MBBS. I understand you all probably think I'm stupid, but I don't know what the 'program change request' thingy is. And now I've locked myself out because I put in two requests, which is the limit for the entire semester. PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEE