URGENT Consultation to allow independent practice of OHTs/DTs & allow "Self Assessment" of scope

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    The Dental Board of Australia has launched public consultation to change the scope of practice of OHTs and Dental Therapists, submissions end VERY SOON on the 14 May 2018.


    For historical context this was debated heatedly in comment to a Bite Magazine article: Scope of practice standard on hold - Bite Magazine

    Numerous campaigns were launched including the "Hope for Scope" online petition and campaign organized by the ADA.

    The initial impetus for these changes were based on workforce analysis by a flawed report by HWA (Health Workforce Australia) who proposed OHTs and DTs could be allowed to practice independently to make up for a shortage of rural practitioners.

    The proposed scope of practice change also allows DTs and OHTs to "Self Assess" whether they are competent to extend their practice into other areas of dentistry based on exposure to CPD, this is yet another dangerous step by the dental board to blur the boundaries between dentists and OHT/DTs

    5 years on the workforce shortage still exists despite their being an oversupply of dentists and oral health therapists and a drop in full time employment of dentists.

    If you are a dental student, considering entering dentistry, or a practicing dentist this submission is extremely important, and there is once again not much time given for response and very little has been advertised about this issue.

    Please spread awareness of this issue within your professional networks on facebook and other social media platforms you use to interact with other dental groups, dentists and dental students. Share on your year page if you are a dental student.

    This is a very important issue!

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