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Usiing CIE scores to entre Nursing or Midwifery in Oz


hey guys, first time posting on MSO.

I'm a NZ student finishing my last year of college right now. My study pathway is CIE.
I am aiming to get into Bach of Nurs/Midw in Monash or La Trobe (both in VIC).

Right now i am confused about the CIE to ATAR conversion to get into aussie unis and is worried about my applications.
I got A for A-level Maths and A* for A-level Chinese in 2012, but according to the info i received so far, a lot of unis only look at your scores within one academic year, which is really depressing me.:unsure: I am also sitting exam for A-level Bio, Chem and Physics this year (actually right now,next exam on Wednesday), however i am struggling and dont think i will get too high (my own predictions are B for Bio, and 2Cs for Chem and Phy).

If any of you undertook CIE and got into Nursing in aussie , can you please tell me what results you got and what ATAR they converted them to?

any replies are appreciated, thanks!

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Actually, they do often allow A-Levels from two years, I know Monash definitely does, you may have to scan your results certificate, get it signed by a Justice of the Peace and send it over to them though. E-mail them and ask them about that.

Now we still arsen't 100% about the conversions to ATAR, but we do know of a few. A*AB (or AAA) is around 99+ in Victoria and should be more than enough for both universities. A*AC (or AAB) is around 98.8 (conversions tend to be the same in the whole state), and again should be more than enough. BCC is 91.4 according to UniMelb's website.

We can't be certain though, my advice for you is to try your hardest and pick up as good a grade as possible in your sciences this year to give you the best chance in the case that this data is off.


Thanks Thedon5 !(yy)
That's definitely some good news for me! It's surprising how our BCC converts to a rather high 90+ATAR.
and yes, I think i will email the universities today , and i will also post their replies down here if any one is interested or have the same quiries as me


Reply from La Trobe Uni:

As you will be considered as a Non Year 12 applicant, your results will not be converted into an ATAR. Therefore, we cannot provide you with an indicative ATAR. However, one thing that may assist you is keeping in mind that an ATAR is a ranking and therefore score of 90+ is granted to students who have achieved results greater than 90% of other students in that year.

All of your A-level scores will be considered within your application.

---so , looks like unis in VIC do look at all our results from last year aswell, hooray!

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads