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Usyd Dentistry Interview


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Hi everyone,

seeing that results are coming out in a few days I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the dentistry interview at usyd? I've seen somewhere that there's a written component, but that's about it. Does anyone know what's in the written response? Or anything about the interview itself?


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Same question. Any one know if it's panel or MMI?
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It’s a panel interview according to the website:
In addition, admission to this course requires the applicant to participate in an assessment process including a written assessment and a panel discussion. The results of this assessment will form part of the ranking of applicants.
ETA: Bachelor of Oral Health

Entry to the Bachelor of Oral Health requires an MMI, so I guess it depends on which course(s) are being referred to.
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It’s a panel interview according to the website:
It's a panel but more like a group discussion. Quotes from MD in the above linked thread
"It's more like a panel except you have a few other students in the same interview (about 5ish students). It feels a lot more relaxed than most other interviews".
"During the group interview, the interviewer doesn't say much, just guides a bit and asks the question, then usually everyone answers it- but sometimes there's one or two people who are a bit quieter and don't say much and don't answer, if you don't answer questions continuously the interviewer might prompt you. It's kinda like a discussion you just add onto it and try not to repeat what other people have said...."


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I'd hate doing panel with other applicants. Sharing personal stories with 5 other students and the interviewers seems a bit daunting and confrontational. Guess I'll just have to suck it up.


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Hey guys, I have a buddy who went to this interview. He thought he did well but maybe not as well as the others. So, maybe there were different questions asked in the interview and written? Any info about the questions would be appreciated :)