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    Hi there, what kind of questions do they ask in the oral interview? How much time would u say is given for every question and every person to answer it? What kind of atmosphere was that? Friendly interviewer and interviewees? And just any other advice is welcome thanks

    And are the questions personal, so that everyone gets a chance to talk about themselves, like telling everyone about what motivated them etc etc?
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    I can't remember the questions exactly but they were pretty straightforward and general and weren't to difficult to answer. You just have to find the right time to say your point as there will be multiple students in that interview room- some students in my room barely said a word. It was more of a discussion amongst the students and the interviewer just sits there watching you. The interviewer just moved on to the next Q when there was silence and no one added anything to the convo. It was pretty chilled more like a conversation really. But this could vary a lot tho cos you get split up into groups so it might depend on who your interviewer is.
    One of the Qs was like what do you think the traits of a doctor are. What do you think of research. What are your experiences. Tell us what you know about the med course. Stuff like that

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