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UTas-Scholarship conundrum


Hi all, I'm very new to this as I just recently got accepted to UTas MBBS and am yet to start my study. I was just wondering if any current students could tell me how difficult it is to get a distinction for every unit?
I was offered and accepted the Dean's Merit Scolarship, which is dependent on maintaining a credit average. Then I got offered the Vice-Chancellor's National University Scholarship, which is worth twice as much but requires a Distinction in every unit. I know that this is an incredibly lucky situation to be in but it feels like gambling, as I'm scared I will accept the new Scolarship and then lose it and get nothing. I have a habit of caving under pressure and am worried I would work myself to madness trying to get highmarks.
So yeah, if anyone could provide an idea of the difficulty ( ie. Proportion of students achieving distinction, amount of extra work required, etc.) that would be lovely,

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distinction in MBBS would be difficult for five years!!! at utas, that said some do achieve it (roughly 10-15% i.e. around 12-15 per cohort)

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