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Weighted GPA of 5.23 for med

Hi everyone,

I am currently a health professional but would really like to do medicine. I was going through a lot during my degree and I'm worried my GPA won't be high enough. Has anyone or know of anyone how she's gotten into med with a similar GPA?

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If you manage to get an excellent GAMSAT score (like in the top 2-4 percentile) you can apply to UQ & USyd where GPA 5.0 is a hurdle, meaning you are not disadvantaged against the high 6s.

Or you can try the portfolio unis Notre Dame, UoW... where an excellent portfolio can compensate for low GPA. Good luck.
USyd however uses the UAC way to calculate GPA since it isn't part of the Gemsas consortium. It is much harder to get a high UAC GPA compared to a Gemsas GPA.

Furthermore, the OP says the 5.23 GPA is weighted. UQ and USyd GPA is both unweighted.

As for Griffith, sorry but you don't really have a shot. They use the combo method to calculate interview places. GPA/7 + Gamsat/100. You would typically have needed to get a 1.62 combo score for an interview. With a weighted GPA of 5.23, you would need a Gamsat score of 88. That is a borderline impossible Gamsat score. Not 100% impossible, but a score like that is almost unheard of.

Also, OP, this is the Griffith Dentistry forum. Be careful next time where you post.

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