Announcement Welcome to the Study Tips/Productivity/Tech Forum


Welcome to the MSO Study Tips/Productivity/Tech Forum.

This forum is part of MSO's initiative to contribute towards increasing the awareness of we. It is widely acknowledged that both studying and working in healthcare can pose many challenges - and has recently been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this forum, we are hoping to raise awareness of, and discuss resources on a range of topics relating to wellbeing - ranging from mindfulness, exercise, sleep, lifestyle changes and peer/mentor support systems. We will aim to update this forum with regular articles and content but feel free to also start your own threads with questions, discussions and share your thoughts and strategies. Please remember to use prefixes to denote threads appropriately (e.g [Question], [Discussion], [Strategies/Routines], [Resources] to help this forum be more user-friendly. If you have any feedback/questions/comments/suggestions for this please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us page to let us know.