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what do interviewers expect in MMIs?


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Well, I just found out my interview with Monash this afternoon and is flying to Melbourne tomorrow to get the interview (I can't believe the email was in my junk mail)

Anyway, I have only participated in UNSW Med Interviews and it is quite different to MMI as far as I understand. I have been looking at practice questions of MMI (for three hours only :() and so far one thing I struggle to understand is their expectation.

Here's my rough understanding: good communication and collaboration skills, good reasoning and logics, empathy but also rational(to what extend), have good morals (but to what extend? and what aspects?), stand for your own opinions and beliefs?

Is there any key value and just general stuff that they are looking for?

also I'm international students and this is a undergrad interview, but I don't think the interview will differ right?

p.s please tell me if I'm posting in the wrong section or breaching any rules :)

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads