UQ What to do if all classes are full?

I'm studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at UQ as part of the provisional entry to MD. Upon enrolling and selecting my courses, I noticed that the PHYS1171 (Practical) and BIOL1020 (Practical) classes provided were all full. Is there any way that I can still attend these classes and if so how? Sorry if this question has already been answered and much thanks for the help.


I emailed UQ regarding the BIOL1020 prac, they basically said that there are always enough classes for students. I noticed yesterday a time slot opened up :)


Don't stress, they'll be enough spots for everyone!
Definitely email [email protected] or the course coordinator (though, in my experience they refer you to SBMS). If that doesn't work, then visit the reception area in the School of Biomedical Sciences located in Skerman (Building 65).
Good luck! :)