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Where to live in Hobart?


Hey there,
I will be starting the MBBS in 2014 at UTAS. I was wondering if there are any particularly cool/convenient/not too expensive suburbs to look to live in?
Or alternatively what is living on res/in colleges like? I'm 21 and have done the res thing. Not looking to party all the time but somewhere social would be nice.

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Hey there edith42!
Congrats on your offer, I got one too! :)
Never been to Hobart though, and would love to know about any accom information as well.
It seems to me there isn't much of a "nightlife" (like Syd, Melb...) but it seems to be pretty chill and cosy :)
Haven't quite decided if i'll make the move, kinda hoping I get an offer here in Sydney.


Uni is in Sandy Bay

Clinicai school is in the CBD

Colleges are in Sandy Bay and South Hobart (10mins from CBD)

Night life is in Salamanca (which is in basically in the city) and North Hobart - but yeah not much of a night life.

If you have a car, you can basically live anywhere because everything is so close. If you don't have a car. I recommend you rent somewhere in the city (close to clinical school) or Sandy Bay. There's lots of sharehouse student accommodation in Sandy Bay as well.

I haven't been living in Hobart for a few years, but [MENTION=2838]n33b[/MENTION] might be able to fill you guys in as well


Thanks isuru!

Is Sandy Bay a nice area? I've seen photos and it looks very peaceful + the water looks beautiful

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I agree with everything isuru said, but keep in mind you won't have any classes in the Sandy Bay campus so it'd make more sense to live near the clinical school in the city. The exception is if you go to the residential colleges (which are a walking distance from the Sandy Bay campus - albeit a steep hill to climb going to college from the uni), as they have bus services going to and from med school usually before classes begin and then after 3ish. There are quite a few parties there but you can probably request to be placed in a building that is some distance away from the noisy areas if you wish, and uni apartments (located across the road from the uni colleges) are nice and quiet depending on your housemates!

Sandy Bay is quite nice, there are many shops along Sandy Bay Road including Coles and Woolies, and anything that might not be there will be in the city which is like a 5 min drive away anyway. It's like isuru said, if you have a car then you can live anywhere really as everything is fairly close. Nothing like Melb or Sydney where it's normal to have 30 minute drive commutes :lol:


Hey all,
I'm also looking at accommodation in Tas at the moment, I was wondering if anyone knows about the Mt Nelson Villa's? I don't want to be in a real party place, I'm happy with a bit of peace and quiet with some social movie nights and stuff. Sounds like the university apartments would be OK? The Villa's are just a bit less expensive. Any info would be great, also anyone there now, what kind of hours are you doing? 8-3pm each day? and are they just at the clinical schools? More practical stuff than lectures?
Sorry I know that's a lot of questions, not all of which belong in the thread, just freaking out at the moment, didn't expect to get in and now I am I'm feeling overwhelmed and finding info hard to come by.

Thanks so much,


Gratz on getting in guys,

As people have said. the main campus is in sandy bay, however the hospital/clinical school is in the city centre as is the medical sciences buildings where most lectures take place. We literally had only one lecture at the sandy bay campus in the first year, and you do a nursing unit in your 2nd year that you are supposed to go to once a week at sandy bay campus (most people never showed up to one and just did it online).

The college housing is pretty good from what ive heard and briefly seen, even though theyre a bit out of the way, the uni runs multiple buses to and from them all through the day - they would be ideal if you don't have a car. I believe that one of the 3 colleges also provides food and such included in the cost which might be handy if you arent too much of a chef :).

If you arent going the more expensive uni housing route it I would advise you have a car. Suburbs to look at include west hobart, glebe, north hobart, sandy bay, new town or just anything close to the city centre. Realistically tassie is pretty tiny and it doesnt matter if youre a bit further out if you have a car - I had much cheaper rent than most people in a suburb about 35-40 mins out of uni and it wasnt an issue to me, but might be too far for some people.

Any info would be great, also anyone there now, what kind of hours are you doing? 8-3pm each day? and are they just at the clinical schools? More practical stuff than lectures?
Lectures are (almost) exclusively at the hospital/clinical school or the medical sciences building. These 2 places are literally across the street from each other. The hours vary a lot, some weeks it seems like you have some pretty easy hours and some weeks seem like a lot of 8-5 days. In general the uni says you should be available from 8-5 on weekdays, and although you often wont need to be, this is a pretty good indicator of the workload on some weeks.

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