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Which speciality does majority of unsw graduates end up going?


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Edit: What specialities do unsw graduates end up pursuing? In each year, what's the speciality makeup of the graduation crew? e.g. 75% GP, 3% cardiothoraic surgery, 5% OB/GYN, 1% radiologist etc etc??
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While there isn't a majority specialty in the sense that over 50% will pursue that specialty, by and large the most common career pathway would be General Practice, and this would be the same for other universities.


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thankss, but i sorta knew the majority would go into gp haha. i was more looking for the percentages of the finer details (e.g. cardiothoraic surgery, 5% OB/GYN, 1% radiologist etc etccardiothoraic surgery, 5% OB/GYN, 1% radiologist etc etc to use the example again) but thanks for answering hahah ^.^


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It's an irrelevant statistic. The medical school you attend has no bearing on your chances of getting into, and completing, specialty training.