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Working a part-time job during OLY1 (and MBChB)


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Is anyone able to share their experiences with working part-time during OLY1 or their MBChB, especially in terms of time management for study and other activites in your life? I have heard you can work pretty reasonable part-time hours during your pre-clinical years, but I have no idea when it comes to the first year of biomed.

In the ideal world, you would of course want to devote all of your attention during FY1 to getting into medicine, but I am worried about living expenses, and my financial outlook over the next few years. Any thoughts would be awesome :)

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I think the issue is that first year (if OLY1 is anything like Otago HSFY) is a competitive entry year, so I think the conventional wisdom would be to advise against part-time work during the competitive entry year.

During pre-clinical years (again using Otago as the template here, while we wait for an Aucklander to enter the chat), yes, it would be reasonable to balance a part-time job with medicine; it then gets harder to balance into the clinical years.

I've personally worked part-time as a bus driver during my 5th year, although that's also the year I quit med school so I dunno if you'd wanna emulate that. (Bus driving was something I wanted to do since I was little, for what it's worth, and I only wish I'd started doing it earlier in med school.)

If you're worried about your financial situation during OLY1, I guess an alternative option might be to take a gap year, work, and save up some money so you can tackle OLY1 unimpeded.

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