CSU Working in Dental in Orange NSW


Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone is working in any of the dental surgeries in Orange? My Partner and I are moving within the next couple of weeks and while Im sure CSU will be keeping me busy in first year BDSc, She will be looking for work in the dental sector. She is looking for a position as a Dental Hygienist full time preferably and is already an accomplished DA and Dental Technician also and thus be an all around asset to any surgery. I will eventually be looking for a part time Hygienist role also.

If anyone knows anyone looking for a hygienist, please let me know. It seems like there is not alot offering on the job search engines but were prepared to wait.

Many Thanks



BDSc BSc(HONS) PGradDip Ortho (UK)
Hey Tim,

I have a few hygienists/therapists in my year - all of which have struggled to get jobs in Orange. However, I know some have got part time jobs in surrounding towns (Bathurst, Lithgow, Parkes, Forbes). You can imagine with a Dentistry course the number of already DA's, therapists, hygienists and technicians that are there during the uni period.

I only know one hygienist on the forums but I doubt she comes on here anymore.