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Discussion in 'Studying Medicine' started by jiniaaa, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Hi everyone, I'm a 1st year medical science student in UWA and I've been quite concerned about my marks. I'm in the direct pathway into med but my marks have been quite sad. Last semester i only got 3 distinctions and 1 pass, and this semester I got a 22/30 for my mid sem where the average was around 25/30. I'm a whole 10% below the average and I feel very down about this. I was wondering if this is a very bad sign or not, also any tips about ways to improve?
    Thank you
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    To put it in another perspective, you're passing university courses, which is a level of education that a great deal of people never reach in the first place. A lot of new uni students struggle with the adjustment to university study, which is fundamentally different in approach and expectations compared to high school - and for high achievers, this can be the first time you've ever been "average" at something. Your tutors and lecturers would be good people to approach as a first step; they may be able to provide insight into where you are struggling and what you might do to address your weaknesses (be it study strategy or grasping new concepts, or both).
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