Welcome to the MSO interview portal!

Before you begin, please read the following guide:

1. Selecting Panel or MMI will guide which types of questions will come up for you. We recommend practicing both styles of interview, even if you are only preparing for one type, as panel-style interview questions are often assessed in MMIs, and scenarios are often assessed in panel-style interviews.

2. You can skip to the next question if you’ve finished answering a question – don’t feel obligated to make your answer last for the elected time limit if you have nothing new to add.

3. We recommend recording yourself on your phone/laptop so that you can play back your responses and pick out areas that require improvement. This will assist you in reflecting on your performance and improving your interview skills.

4. You can sit a mock interview as many times as you like!

5. If you would like feedback on your answers to certain questions, please post the question and your answer on the "Practice Interview Question Thread" and you will receive feedback by someone experienced there.

6. Please contact an MSO staff member if you have any questions or feedback.
Good luck!

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