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About Dentistry at Griffith University

Griffith University – An overview

Griffith University is located is in the south eastern region of the Australian state of Queensland. The university has five campuses located in the Gold Coast, Logan City and in the Brisbane suburbs of Mount Gravatt, Nathan and South Bank. Current total enrolment is approximately 43,000. The university itself was established in 1971 and is ranked 291[SUP]st[/SUP] in the world.

Gold Coast ~ Queensland

About the School of Dentistry
The Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science/ Graduate Diploma in Dentistry is a 3 year undergraduate and 2 year postgraduate joint degree. The course itself is held on the Gold Coast campus, which is 100km south of Brisbane. The course itself was established in 2005 and was the second dentistry course to be provided in Queensland. Around 80 students are accepted each year and the university had their first class of graduates in 2009. The course itself is accredited by the Australian Dental Council.

Gold Coast University Hospital ~ Gold Coast

The Griffith School of Dentistry clinical services will be re-locating into the new Gold coast University Hospital and is predicted to be completed by the end of 2012. The project itself cost $1.7 billion, will consist of 750 hospital beds and provide a variety of dental and medical services to the public. The new hospital will provide a greater range of specialised care to patients, including new and expanded services such as cancer radiotherapy services, neurosciences, neonatal intensive care, trauma response services and cardiac surgery.

Gold Coast University Hospital ~ Gold Coast

Pre-clinical Training
Pre-clinical training begins in the second half of first year as of 2012. This training prepares students before stepping into the clinical side of dentistry and treating patients. Students master preventative and restorative procedures as well diagnosing and providing a variety of treatment options. One of the newest pre-clinical training equipment Griffith has brought into Australia is the Simodont. The Simodont is a haptic virtual dental education device. It provides a 3D environment for the student to practice their manual dexterity, while at the same time emulating the feel of real instruments through the means of haptic feedback. The students, outfitted with nothing more than a pair of 3D-glasses, will have a full scale of virtual dental equipment to their disposal.

Simodont ~ Pre-clinical Simulation

Clinical Training
Clinical training begins in third year where students start treating patients from the public. External placements will also occur throughout third to fifth year as part of clinical training. The placements will take students on an adventure to many different areas of Queensland such as metropolitan and rural clinics as well as the Gold Coast hospital. These placements aim to provide students an exposure to clinical dentistry and to gain the necessary skills and knowledge within the dental field.

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