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About Dentistry at James Cook University

James Cook University – An overview

James Cook University was established in 1970 and is located in the Northern tropical region of Queensland. Its main two campuses are in Townsville and Cairns. JCU ranked number 400 in the Academic World Universities Assessment in 2008 and is well known for its scientific research such as marine biology and tropical health care.

Cairns, North Queensland ~ Australia

James Cook University is only one of the three universities located outside a metropolitan area within Australia. The university strives to encourage graduates to enter the regional workforce in order to fill the gap in the shortage of health services in regional, rural and remote areas of Northern Australia.

About the School of Medicine & Dentistry

The Dental Course
The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (5 year undergraduate course) was established in 2008 in response to the challenges presented by the oral health needs of northern Australia. The Australian Federal Government provided James Cook University with a funding grant of $52.5m for the establishment of the James Cook University Dental School which is to be one of the world’s most advanced training facilities in dentistry. The new state-of-the-art facilities at the James Cook University Dental School are housed at the Cairns campus and include an 80-seat dental simulation laboratory, prosthodontics and science laboratories and student home group rooms. The building also houses a 30-chair public dental clinic.

The School of Dentistry ~ Smithfield Campus

The dentistry school is located 15 kilometres north of Cairns, in the suburb of Smithfield. The campus is situated in a beautiful, mountainous rainforest area of tropical North Queensland. Cairns has a population of 155,000 people and the campus itself has 4,000 students currently enrolled. The dental school took its first intake on students in 2009. The course is currently undergoing accreditation by the Australian Dental Council.

The School of Dentistry ~ Smithfield Campus

Pre-clinical Training
Pre-clinical training begins in the second half of first year. This training prepares students before stepping into the clinical side of dentistry and treating patients. Students master preventative and restorative procedures as well diagnosing and providing a variety of treatment options.

Simulation Clinic ~ Cairns

Clinical Training
Clinical training begins in third year where students start treating patients from the public. External placements will also occur throughout third to fifth year as part of clinical training. The placements will take students on an adventure to many different areas of Northern Queensland. These placements aim to provide students an exposure to clinical dentistry and to gain the necessary skills and knowledge within the dental field. Placements will occur all around northern Queensland including Mackay Base Hospital, Cairns, Prosperine, Thursday Island and Atheron

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