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About Medicine at Griffith

Griffith University’s school of Medicine and Oral Health opened in 2005 and offers only graduate entry medicine to students. The university offers a provisional entry pathway for undergraduate students, who are able to undertake a 2 year fast tracked medical science degree, and upon fulfilling the minimum GPA requirements, will have a guaranteed place in the graduate MBBS program.

The medical science course is available at two campuses, Gold Coast, and Nathan. The MBBS is only available at the Gold Coast Campus (teaching) and Logan campus (research).

Course Structure (MBBS)

Year 1
Human Homeostasis
Human Life Cycle
Identity, Microbes and Defence
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Renal System

Year 2
Gastrointestinal System
Endocrine, Reproductive Systems
Musculoskeletal System
Brain and Behaviour
Multisystem Unit 40

Year 3
Women’s and Children’s Health
Mental Health
Aged Care
Cancer Care

Year 4
Critical Care
Emergency Medicine
General Practice
Clinical Performance
Clinical Electives

School of Dentistry and Oral Health
As the first new dental school in almost 60 years Griffith offers a unique suite of oral health degree programs including Australia’s first Dental Technology program at University level. Griffith leads the way in delivering innovative oral health programs focused on comprehensive patient care delivered through the teamwork of dentists, oral health therapists and dental technologists.

Entry procedure for Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science

1- Apply for the course via QTAC
2- Satisfy academic requirement of OP 1/ 99.50

Entry requirements for Graduate Diploma of Dentistry

The Graduate Diploma of Dentistry is only open to domestic and international students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science [12598] program at Griffith.
Students who wish to delay entry into the Graduate Diploma of Dentistry may do so for no more than one year. Students who delay entry cannot be guaranteed a place in the Graduate Diploma of Dentistry. Entry will be subject to available dental operatories (dental chairs) and to passing a clinical and written examination.

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Contact Information
School of Dentistry and Oral Health
General Enquiries Phone Number: (07) 5678 0793
+61 7 5678 0793General Enquiries Email:doh@griffith.edu.au1General Enquiries Fax: (07) 5678 0708
+61 7 5678 0708Clinic Enquiries Phone Number: (07) 5678 0220 or 5678 0200
+61 7 5678 0220 or +61 7 5678 0200Clinic Enquiries Email:dentalclinic@griffith.edu.au2Postal AddressSchool of Dentistry and Oral Health
Centre for Medicine and Oral Health
Gold Coast Campus
Griffith University
Queensland Australia 4222Location and Delivery AddressSchool of Dentistry and Oral Health
Centre for Medicine and Oral Health
16 – 30 High Street
Queensland Australia 4215 School of Medicine

General Enquiries Phone NumberGold Coast campus – Teaching
(07) 5678 0704
+61 7 5678 0704

General Enquiries Emailmedreception@griffith.edu.au
Admissions Enquiries Emailmedicine@griffith.edu.au