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Adelaide Medicine Entrance Information

Satisfactory completion of Year 12 or equivalent with achievement of a TER of 90 or higher. No prerequisite subjects are required. Applicants may receive 2 bonus points to their University Aggregate for successful completion of Specialist Mathematics or interstate equivalent with achievement of a final score of at least 10/20. Applicants may also receive 2 bonus points for successful completion of a language other than English, for a maximum of 2 points for all languages other than English. The University Aggregate is then converted to an equivalent modified TER by SATAC. Australian students with a tertiary record with an institute other than the University of Adelaide are not eligible to apply.

Entry procedure
Application is through SATAC before the closing date. Note that Medicine and Dentistry applications close earlier in the year than for other courses. Applicants are also required to sit the UMAT in the year of application or the year prior. A satisfactory UMAT score and application through SATAC will result in an invitation to oral assessment at the University of Adelaide. Applicants will then be ranked based on modified TER, UMAT, and oral assessment scores and entry will be determined based on these three scores, with a 20% weighting on the UMAT score and 40% weighting on the oral assessment scores.

Number of Places
Approx 840 across 6 years.
In 2007:

  • CSP: 95
  • CSP MRBS: 6
  • CSP BMP: 34
  • SA government bonded places: 4
  • DFEE: 2 (no DFEE places will be offered in 2008)
  • IFEE: 19
  • Repeating students: 13

Total: 172

School leaver applications: 2140 for 2007 entry; 2071 for 2008 entry
144 of the 172 places were awarded to domestic year 12 school leavers.
105 of the 140 local places were given to residents of South Australia; however, first round offer breakdown is as follows: SA: 22.9% Other states and NZ: 77.1%
Judging by this there is no apparent discrimination on basis of state of schooling in Australia.