Important dates
There are two application categories for entry into Medicine for New Zealand citizens or permanent residents:
Overlapping Year 1
Graduate Entry
All applicants in both categories are required to sit the UMAT (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test) on July 28th 2010.
Included in the two application categories mentioned above, the Faculty also offers two special entry quotas into Medicine; these are ROMPE (Rural Origin Medical Preferential Entry scheme) and MAPAS (Maori and Pacific Admissions Scheme).

The closing date for MBChB is 1 November 2010. Late applications will not be considered.…chb/entry.aspx

There are no formal pre-requisites for year 13 students who wish to pursue a MBChB Degree at the University of Auckland.

It is recommended that students take science subjects in year 12/13 as it will help their studies in OLY1.

To apply for the Medicine program, students must successfully complete a year of BSc (Biomedical Science) or BHSc with an average of B+ or better OR have completed a degree in NZ within the last 5 years with an overall GPA of B+ or better

*Note – although only a B+ (6.0 GPA) is required to be considered for eligibility for an interview over your 8 papers, a GPA of around ~7.5 is required over your 4 core papers, as these 4 papers are used to rank you for a place for an interview i.e. if you have a B+ average for 8 papers AND for your 4 papers you will be “eligible” to be ranked for an interview spot, however once you are ranked, it is likely you will not gain an interview place.

Entry Procedure
Entry pathways: Students must complete the first year Bachelor of Health Sciences or Bachelor of Science specialising in Biomedical Science. Students may also apply to enter as a Graduate Entry student with a completed degree. Other criteria such as a UMAT test and interview must also be met.

Courses in BSc (biomed) year 1 are:
Biosci 101, 106, 107 ; Chem 110 ; Poplhlth111 ; MedSci142 ; Physics 160 and one general education paper of your choice

Courses in BHSc year 1 are:
Poplhlth 101, 102, 111 ; HlthPsyc 122 ; Biosci 107 ; Chem 110 ; Medsci 142 and one general education paper of your choice

Number of Places
For 2009 cohort it is expected that there are 191 places for local students. Within the about cohort, there will be a sub-cohort of 30 places for students of rural origin and roughly 40 places for students of Maori and/or Pacific Island origin

Contact the University
Student Enquiries:
Phone: 0800 61 62 63

General Enquiries:
Phone: +64 9 373 7999

The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland Mail Centre
Auckland 1142

ALTERNATIVELY, whizz lordgarlic a message on MSO and he’ll try direct you to the right people

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