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Balls. Balls everywhere

Obligatory disclaimer: Blog mostly for self-indulgence and whinging. Don’t read unless you’d like to gouge your eyeballs out.
So I’ve never been particularly good at juggling, but that hasn’t really ever mattered much, because I’ve usually restricted myself to one or two balls at a time, so it tends to be simple enough to keep them in the air.

This year, though, they’re everywhere.
Balls currently in the air (or supposed to be) :

-Med III. Started so damn fast I barely saw it happen, and really shouldn’t be a ball I let drop, but at present it’s only *just* still up there. Should probably work on that.

-RA-ing. This year I’m an RA at one of the big halls of residence. Probably the most fun I’ve had since moving to Dunedin, and I’m definitely glad I’m doing it. This one is definitely still afloat, although potentially at the expense of med, which isn’t so great.

-Friends. Not going to go into epic detail, but drama. So much drama. I hate drama, I don’t see the point, and nothing annoys me more than cattiness and backstabbing. Recently, this ball has taken up far too much time/effort keeping afloat. Stoopid social interactions.

-To BMedSc, or not to BMedSc? So many lists of pros and cons. So much conflicting advice from so many different people. In the long run, it probably ends up making zilch difference, but at the moment this is a decision causing more anxiety than it’s worth. Leaning towards ‘Might as well just do it’, but this is pretty subject to change. Meetings with potential supervisors this week should shine some more light on it, with any luck.

-Monies. Didn’t expect this to be an issue this year, given that I had a well-paying summer job, and my living expenses are next to zilch. However, whenever I know I’ve got money to burn, I tend to, well, burn. Sigh.

-Lady-friend. Even when things are going great, these ‘girl’ critters tend to eat up a fair amount of time. *Shrug*, probably a time-investment I’m ok with making :p
Plans to rectify the aforementioned list:
1) Sack the f*ck up and deal with it.
2) Study minus the computer, which is currently being a major source of procrastination.
3) Gossiping with multiple different people who know each other is a bad idea. For the love of Jeebus, stahp.
4) Get out of it every once in a while, a solid month with no real ‘days off’ hasn’t worked out that great.