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Entry into Dentistry

Dentistry, is the branch of medicine that is involved in the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and surgical or non-surgical treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area.

Specialties within dentistry outside of general practice include the following, and are additional 3 year MDSc / D.Clin.Dent. courses taken after a minimum of 2 years of working as a general practitioner.

Orthodontics: changing of either/or both facial appearance or bite through functional appliances (ex. braces)

Prosthodontics: creation of dental prostheses (dentures, crown and bridge work, implants) to replace lost oral tissue seeking to restore aesthetics/function

Periodontics: gum and alveolar bone specialists that may perform a number of procedures (ex. scaling and root planing, periodontal surgery, crown lengthening) seeking to preserve remaining bone and ligament attachment around teeth

Endodontics: deals with the pulp inside the tooth and specializes primarily in root canal therapy (RCT) after pulpal death or imminent pulpal death

Pediatric Dentistry: deals with children, teens and patients with special needs

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: surgical arm of dentistry that may perform any number of surgical procedures ranging from resection for oral cancer to bony augmentation and maxillofacial trauma. Primarily deals with wisdom tooth extractions, implants and orthognathic surgery.

Oral Medicine and Pathology: specialists in diagnosis and management of a myriad of oral conditions, both associated and independent from systemic disease. Includes biopsies and describing a number of oral lesions, ranging from the common to the unique.


There are two pathways to dentistry in Australia:

Undergraduate degree: 5 years Full Time
Postgraduate degree: 4 years Full Time

In order to apply you must have one of the three options:

School leaver: Completed secondary education with either OP/ENTER/ATAR/UAI/RANK/TER
Non standard: Completed atleast one year of full time tertiary study
Graduate: Completed a tertiary degree

Certain universities have certain subject requirements. Make sure you have fufilled this criteria or you may not be considered for a place.

University requirements when applying for Dentistry as a domestic applicant

Queensland (QTAC)
University of Queensland – Bachelor of Dental Science
School leaver: OP 1/ Rank 99 & UMAT 173
Non standard: GPA 5.8 (6.8 for non G8 universities) & UMAT 173
:English (4,SA); Maths B (4,SA); one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics (4,SA)
Quota: 45 places
James Cook University – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
School leaver: OP/Rank & Application
Non standard: GPA 5.75 & Application
English (4,SA); Chemistry (4,SA); Maths B (4,SA)
Quota: 60 places
Griffith University – Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science/Graduate Diploma of Dentistry
School leaver: OP 1/Rank 98.91
Non standard: GPA 6.5
English (4,SA); one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Maths B (4,SA)
Quota: 80 places for 2011

New South Wales (UAC)
University of Sydney – Bachelor of Dentistry
Graduate: GPA 4.0, GAMSAT 63 & Interview
Must have completed or be in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree
Quota: 80 places
Charles Sturt University – Bachelor of Dental Science
School leaver: OP/Rank (preferably 90+) & Application
Non standard: GPA 5 & Application
Prerequisites:Currently no secondary school subjects are prerequisites for admission
Quota: 40 places

Victoria (VTAC)
University of Melbourne – Doctor of Dental Surgery
Graduate: GPA & GAMSAT
Completed an undergraduate degree including second year anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.
Quota: 90 places for 2011
La Trobe University – Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry/Masters of Dentistry
School leaver: OP 1/Rank 99
Non standard: GPA 5.0 & UMAT 98th percentile
English and Biology or Chemistry
Quota: 50 places

South Australia (SATAC)
University of Adelaide – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
School leaver: Rank 90 & UMAT & Interview
Non standard: GPA 5.0 & UMAT (around 85th percentile) & Interview
Prerequisites: One of either Chemistry, Mathematical Studies, Physics or Specialist Mathematics AND one of either Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics
Quota: 60 places

Western Australia (TISC)
University of Western Australia – Bachelor of Dental Science
School leaver: OP 4/ Rank 96, UMAT & Interview
Non Standard: GPA 5.5, UMAT 90-99th percentile & Interview
Prerequisites:Currently no secondary school subjects are prerequisites for admission
Quota: 40 places