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The GAMSAT stands for Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test, administered by ACER (the Australian College of Educational Research). All graduate-entry medical schools in Australia require their applicants to sit the GAMST.

Unlike the UMAT, which requires no prior specific education to complete, ACER suggests that you have the following specific requisite knowledge:
1. Biology – 1st year university level
2. Chemistry – 1st year university level
3. Physics – Year 12 level
4. English – general proficiency.
It is therefore recommended that if you are not undertaking a science-based undergraduate degree, you would benefit from completing electives or extra study in the subjects above.

The GAMSAT is held yearly, usually in March/April. Information about applications can be found here. There is no limit as to how many times you can attempt the GAMSAT, but it can only be taken maximum once per year.

The test is more exhausting than the UMAT. It lasts a whole day (8am to 4pm) and consists of the following sections:

• Section I – Reasoning in the Humanities and Social Sciences (100 minutes, 75 questions)o Verbal logic and reasoning

• Section II – Written Communication (60 minutes, 2 essays on separate topics)o Essay questions that test proficiency in communication, argument, and the portrayal of ideas

• Section III – Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences (170 minutes, 110 questions)

  • Chemistry (organic and physical) 40%
  • Biology 40%
  • Physics 20%


You are given a score for each section of the GAMSAT. Your overall GAMSAT score is the average of each section, with double weighting given to Section III. That is:

GAMSAT Score = [(Section I score) + (Section II score) + 2(Section III score)] / 4

Like the UMAT, the GAMSAT scoring system is not released to the public. In terms of rankings, very approximately:
• A GAMSAT score of 56 roughly correlates to the 52nd percentile of scores
• A GAMSAT score of 61 roughly correlates to the 78th percentile of scores
• A GAMSAT score of 67 roughly correlates to the 96th percentile of scores

GAMSAT results are valid for two years.

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