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Griffith Medicine Entrance Information

Entry Procedure for Medical Science (Provisional Entry for the MBBS for School Leavers)
1.Applicants are required to submit an application to interview by the 31st of August (in 2009) directly to the university.
2.Register to sit the UMAT on the 28th of July 2010 (Registration opens in April of every year)
3.Apply for the program through QTAC and/or UAC
4.Attend an interview (if satisfied UMAT criteria)
5.Accept your conditional place
6.Satisfy academic requirements, OP1-OP3 (in 2009 unconditional offers were given to students, in which academic performance is not taken into consideration – it is unknown as to whether this will be the case in subsequent years)
NOTE: Preference for Griffith interviews for the medical science course were given to students that had placed Griffith University in one of the top three preferences on their preferences. However, placing Griffith below the third placed preference will not impact on your selection if you are not a borderline entrant.

In 2009, interviews were held between the 12th and the 22nd of October for both Graduate MBBS and Medical Science candidates. The interview was approximately between 25 and 40 minutes, and was semi-structured. The interview panel consisted of either 2 or 3 members. Approximately half of the interview was based around given scenarios, and the other half standard interview questions. The beginning of the interview is significant in that candidates are required to read through and prepare notes on a given scenario for 15 minutes prior to the interview (this is then the first thing presented), so don’t be late. As the Griffith MBBS course is based around the Flinders course, the interviews are similar and as such it would be helpful for candidates to read over past interview experiences for both Griffith and Flinders universities (see link below).

In summary:
The interview consists of two distinct elements; scenarios and personal questions. 15 minutes is given to the interviewee before the interview to prepare a 4-5 minute response to a scenario. This scenario is designed to evaluate an interviewees hypothesis testing ability. There are also two or so other scenarios presented to the interviewee, one to test leadership/teamwork capabilities and one to test empathy/emotional awareness. The above scenarios are very rigid in structure with the interviewee given a card/clipboard to read and set questions being asked by the interviewer. Mini scenarios may be offered to interviewees as follow up questions. These scenarios are verbal with no set structure. The personal questions sections are designed to identify motivation, realistic outlook, coping skills, life experiences and desire to study at Griffith university.

Entry to the MBBS
Upon finishing the medical science degree, and maintaining a GPA of at least 5.0, medical science students will be offered a place in Griffith University’s MBBS. Applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree, and have sat the GAMSAT, and satisfied the interview requirements, will also be offered places in the MBBS. (Medical science applicant from Griffith University are not required to do the GAMSAT or interview, as this has been done upon admission for Medical Science.

Types of Places
Griffith University currently has the following number and type of places, about a quarter of each type are reserved for the Medical Science cohort of students:
·71 CSP
·25 BMP
·50 QHBMS places which will not be available after 2010

Prerequisite Information
To apply for medical science, the following subjects, or their equivalent, are required:
Prerequisites: English, Maths B, and successful interview and umat
Recommended studies: one of physics, biology, chemistry
To apply for the MBBS, the following is required:
An undergraduate degree, successful GAMSAT and interview