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Growing Down

So I’ve blogged ad nauseam on here about medical school, the uni experience, and widdle frootloop growing up into some form of proto-professional life form.
But here are some sort-of-opposing-but-sort-of-complementary-if-you-look-at-it-right thoughts (slash conversation-with-self) that a slightly intoxicated 3rd year medical student had while on his way home from another MSO’ers place in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning:

‘Da eff, man? Why were you out drinking on a Monday night? So much for proto-professional, and all that jazz. Boy, you do some strange stuff. You’ve been doing stuff like this a lot. You need to grow up and whatnot.
But then, you’re (recently) 20. No longer a teenager (yus!), but still really not old enough to be remotely capable of being responsible 100% of the time. No amount of medical school, self-reflection, and thinking you’re all grow’d up now changes the fact that you’re a young male university student, and such creatures do dumb things.

Is this necessarily a bad thing, and something to beat yourself up over?
It depends.
It depends how much of it you’re doing, and how much trouble it’s getting you into. I’d suggest that it’s not really getting you into any trouble at all (other than the fact you’ll be hella tired tomorrow morning -nothing new there), so you’re probably alright.
In fact, totally suppressing that young-male desire to do stupid things is probably in itself a bad thing. Learning by mistakes and all that.
Yeah, you’re fine. Maybe you need to stop pushing yourself to grow up so fast anyway…..

Oooh, is that McDonalds? Big Mac time!’

I think slightly intoxicated froot had a point. Maybe I do need to stop trying to grow up in a hurry, and enjoy being 20 and able to get away with being a bit dumb. Y’know, in moderation.