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[h2]Important dates and information package[/h2]
Early July JCU internal application form and information pack available online
for applicants to download

30 September 2009
Closing date for JCU internal application form. (Applications postmarked after this date will not be accepted.)

30 October 2009
Prediction of Academic Achievement sheet to be received by the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

14 November 2009
Letters for JCU December interviews sent by Australia Post

December 2009
JCU December interviews (only if living/studying in Australia)

21 December 2009
Queensland Year 12 results mailed to students. (only if studying in Australia)
Date to be advised
Letters for JCU January interviews sent by Australia Post

8 January 2010
JCU January Interviews (only if living/studying in Australia)

14 January 2010
QTAC offers released to applicants

22 January 2010
Last date to respond to QTAC January offer round. Applicants must respond to QTAC

4 February 2010
QTAC offers released to applicants

11 February 2010
Last date to respond to QTAC February offer round. Applicants must respond to QTAC
Date to be advised
Additional offers made as required

15 February 2010
Orientation week begins

22 February 2010
JCU academic year begins
Early July JCU internal application form and information pack available online
for applicants to download



A comprehensive application needs to be filled out.

Interstaters will require a TER/UAI/VCE equivalent to OP1 to be interviewed, unless your application is first-rate.

For entry to James Cook University’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree applicants must have successfully completed all four semesters and achieved an exit level of at least Sound Achievement in English, Mathematics B and Chemistry (Physics desirable)* or interstate or overseas equivalent. The study of Physics is highly desirable.

(*Applicants with all four semesters of Physics (4,SA) without Chemistry (4,SA)

will be considered in the offer pool, but will be required to undertake the four

week Bridging Chemistry at JCU (approximately last two weeks of January and

first two weeks of February) prior to the start of teaching period 1.

An Australian subject equivalency index can be found on the School of Medicine

website of: www.jcu.edu.au/school/medicine/app/subject.html
If you are unsure of the Australian prerequisite requirement please contact:
Student Enquiries Centre on (07) 47 815255 or email:

Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) at the website address of:
For international equivalents contact the International Student Centre at email:



Queensland Health requires all health care worker students (which include
medical-degree students) to be immunised against Hepatitis B prior to their first clinical placement. To comply, James Cook University’s Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences has made immunisation for Hepatitis B a condition of enrolment into all courses involving clinical placements in

Queensland Health facilities. The School of Medicine recommends additional vaccinations and students will receive information regarding these vaccinations at the commencement of their first year. A copy of the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences policy can be found at: www.jcu.edu.au/school/medicine/facidpolicy2002.pdf


Queensland laws contain provisions designed to ensure that persons who are to work with young people have first obtained suitability notices (Blue Cards).
Because the requirements for completion of the James Cook University medical course include requirements for students to undertake placements and because a student will undertake one or more placements which involve coming into contact with young people, initial enrolment and continuing enrolment in the MBBS degree course are conditional upon the following:

(i) eligibility of the student for a Blue Card at the time of first enrolment;

(ii) maintenance of that eligibility throughout the duration of the course; and

(iii) actual acquisition of a Blue Card prior to commencement of placement.

In the event that a student becomes ineligible for a Blue Card, at any time

between the date of first enrolment and the date of completion of the course, the student’s enrolment in the course may be terminated forthwith.

Therefore, persons who have reason to believe that they might have difficulty in obtaining a Blue Card should clarify the position in that regard before deciding to apply for enrolment in the medical course. A person who will or may not be able to obtain a Blue Card should not make application for enrolment in the course.

[h2]Entry procedure[/h2]
Applicants will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Academic performance in year 12 studies or in subsequent tertiary studies
Written component of the application form
Demonstration at interview of attributes suited to a career in medicine.

In 2010, the School of Medicine and Dentistry has available approximately 150 places in the first year of the MBBS course. Approximately 10-15 places are allocated to non year 12 applicants.
Candidates will be selected for interview on the basis of their application and academic results. Applicants will be selected for entry into the James Cook University MBBS course based on their performance at interview and their academic results.

1. Application
The application for 2010 entry required personal details, a list of schools attended by year and four questions requiring a written response:
Why do you want to become a medical practitioner / health professional?
Tell us why you are interested in enrolling in a course where important themes are rural, remote, Indigenous and tropical medicine?
What activities (paid employment, work experience or voluntary) have you undertaken, in addition to your studies, which indicate your motivation to study medicine or another health professional degree at James Cook University?
Provide any other information you believe is relevant to your application.
In addition to your written application You may attach up to three letters of support to your application (this is not compulsory). If you choose to attach letters of support, make sure to ask your referees to include their phone number in case we need to contact them. You must keep a copy of any letters of support (and your completed application) as no documentation can be returned to you.
• Only the first three (3) letters of support will be read.
• Do not send letters of support separately as they will not be included as part of your application.
• Letters of support from family members will not be accepted.

2. QTAC preference

3. Interview offer
A limited number of applicants will be invited for interview. Selection of applicants to be interviewed will be based on evaluation of the application together with all available information regarding academic performance. To be considered, applicants must attend the interview at the allocated time and date. Changes to allocated times/dates cannot be considered. Video or teleconference facilities are not available. All interviews will be conducted at the School of Medicine and Dentistry in Townsville. Applicants selected for interview will be sent a letter outlining their allocated time and date for interview. Information regarding an applicant or an application is confidential and cannot be released to members of family or friends. Applicants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
4. Acceptance

5. ‘Blue Card’, etc


If you have not commenced any further studies since completing year 12, please include a certified copy of your Senior Certificate and Tertiary Entrance Statement (TES) results or equivalent.
If you have commenced or completed further studies please include a certified copy of your academic record to date. Examination results or uncertified copies will not be accepted.
The most recent GPA (Grade Point Average) score will be used to rank applicants who have commenced or completed tertiary studies. For 2009, a GPA of 5.75 was required to be considered for an interview.
An applicant’s other studies/qualifications that do not generate a GPA score will not be considered when determining the rankings for interview.
Graduate applicants with a health science undergraduate degree may be considered for entry into the MBBS course beyond year 1 level, subject to the recency and academic performance in that qualification.
Applicants seeking lateral entry should provide an academic record together with the subject outlines for all subjects successfully completed to assist in assessment for entry into the MBBS course beyond year 1 level. Applicants should forward this information with an accompanying letter to the Faculty Undergraduate Student Officer advising of their request. This information should be posted to PO Box 6216, Townsville QLD 4810 (if possible include this request with your application).
[h2]Number of Places[/h2]


[h2]Contacting the University:[/h2]

[h2]For general School enquiries contact[/h2]
School of Medicine
James Cook University
Townsville Qld Australia 4811
Tel: 07 4781 6232
International: +61 7 4781 6232
Fax: 07 4781 6986
Email: [email]medicine@jcu.edu.au[/email]
[h2]For enquiries regarding undergraduate course admissions contact[/h2]
Ms Gennesse Beadman
Faculty Student Officer
Faculty of Medicine, Health & Molecular Sciences
James Cook University
Townsville Qld Australia 4811
Tel: 07 4781 4409
International: +61 7 4781 4409
Fax: 07 4781 4655
Email: [email]hlmstudents@jcu.edu.au[/email]
[h2]For enquiries regarding postgraduate course admissions contact[/h2]
Ms Sandra Hurlock
Postgraduate Student Officer
Faculty of Medicine, Health & Molecular Sciences
James Cook University
Townsville Qld Australia 4811
Tel: 07 4781 6348
International: +61 7 4781 6348
Fax: 07 4781 4655

Email: [email]sandra.hurlock@jcu.edu.au[/email]

[h2]Additional information[/h2]JCU offers a growing range of medical and health science qualifications. The Medical School opened in 2000 and is the only medical school in the country to specialise in rural, indigenous and tropical medicine.